Monday, July 29, 2013

Las Vegas Asian Massage - #1 in Full Body Massage for Strip & Local Residents

Reflexolgy was great! My hubby & I are renovating a house that is within walking distance of this location. After a brutal day of demo we stopped by about 8:30 pm to get the reflexology special that they advertise. Its 1 hour, 30 minutes on your feet & 30 minutes on your back. We have each had many massages in our life but never the reflexology. Let me tell you it was pure bliss. They are very professional & quickly arranged the "couples" room for my hubby and I to be in the same room

. It was really comfortable with two cushy flat massage tables. They soaked our feet while they worked on our faces, heads & shoulders. Overall it was less intense than Swedish style but in a good way. This place also has other services such as hot / cold stone therapy. After our massages, we paid  the $40 each plus tips. Then walked back home not even realizing my hubby left his wallet there until the next morning. 

We called first thing & the owner told us not to worry that they are honest people! I was so nervous his wallet would be gone, but nope, it was right were he left it. We will definitely come back for the excellent service but also because they were honest!!